Get Off the Couch: A 4-Step
Guide to Transform Your Trauma 

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Two special gifts will be delivered to your door to compliment our work in Divine Embodied Freedom.

Curated Gift Basket: Pendelum + Weighted Blanket

A special teaching from a Feng Shui Master on how to use this ancient system to heal your stuck places.

Discover the Secrets of Feng Shui for Healing

A special teaching from an Ayurvedic Doctor on the herbs that can help you heal your trauma and rebalance your body the natural way!

Discover the Power of Herbs for Trauma Healing

The Bonuses

Weekly Live Coaching Calls
We will be with you LIVE each week to teach you new, effective healing methods, help you through this process and hear from you about what you are struggling with and where you need more support.

Biweekly Live Guided Meditation Practices
Struggling to maintain your practice but know that it helps you so much? We'll practice together every other week to make it easier for you to go deep!

Private Facebook Group
Ask your questions and get feedback from your peers any time! The group is for you to ask questions, post a poll, ask for feedback, and get help when you need it! Stay connected to your new tribe outside of our weekly sessions!

Heart-Opening Ceremony with Cacao
We will work with a ceremonial cacao healer to help open our hearts and experience more deeply the true Love that is there. Cacao is a beautiful medicine to support the heart in its healing journey.

Our TIME Together
Will Include:

I help spiritual women over 30 get unstuck from their traumas so they can fully embrace their soul’s purpose, access their gifts, and come alive in radiant divine connection and community.


A one-on-one session with my personal trusted Body Code healer that can be used anytime after the 2nd month of the course.

One (1) Private Energy Healing Session with a Master Healer

Express Authentically Each Week

Be Seen and Held in Loving, Warm Community

Connect with Soul Sister Tribe

Community Healing


Discover Your Holy Space for Refuge

Open to Deep Surrender + Letting Go

Learn Powerful Life-Changing Spiritual Prayer Practices

Learn Self-Divination to Dialogue Directly with the Divine

Awaken Divine Connection


Insight: Understand Your Wounding

Take Care of Your Inner Wounded Self + Empower Your Inner Adult

Uproot Deep Negative Core Beliefs

Create Your New Story + Identity

Birth a Healthy Self


Stabilize + Energize Your
Nervous System

Orient to Sensual Pleasure for Safety

Set Healthy Boundaries

Practice Rightful Rest +


Cultivate Body Wisdom

What You'll Learn 

✔ You are sick and tired of sitting on the therapy couch talking about your problems and not seeing results.

✔ You want to heal, break those toxic cycles, and be your BEST thriving self!

✔ You're so ready for fully-awakened healthy living!


Artist + Mother

Eva creates a beautiful calm space yet very much alive in life, a knowing of pain and struggle with laughter coming easily. She is a great spiritual teacher/guide. I felt when she spoke, it came from a rooted knowledge. Each answer she innately knows, it feels like she has many lives behind her. She generates a safe accepting atmosphere regardless of where you are in your journey.

Dental Hygienist + Mother

The group is going amazing! The level of self awareness and overall consciousness I’ve achieved is pretty incredible, and I see it reflecting in my life. Major changes! And I can feel myself closer to whatever that “that” is I’ve felt pulled to for so long. I love everything about the group! It’s the best thing that could have happened to me at just the right time. The lessons you give are perfectly explained, and I feel a connection to every word. You have a way of speaking through your soul to mine. I never thought virtual work could reach me like this. I feel like I’m in circle (in person) with everyone.

"It’s the best thing that could have happened to me at just the right time."

CEO + Yoga Teacher + Dog Mom

Because of her experience, her nature, and style/approach, I have been able to process through deeply buried issues that have prevented me from feeling connected to myself, others, and to Life. I have been able to begin to connect in ways I’d only intellectually considered before. Her work is inspired and is delivered in an exact and highly relevant manner for my healing. My healing has blossomed from literally the very first day and continues to now!

"My healing has blossomed from literally the very first day and continues to now!"

Reviews from Clients

"She is a great spiritual teacher and guide. I felt when she spoke, it came from a rooted knowledge."